My objects and installations of poetic existential materiality and identity that also recovered, in our digital world, traditional, manual and primitive processes of making. My process of creation is based on two principles: the use of handmade repetitive processes and the reuse of objects that already exist, known as objet trouvé.

The results are unique pieces that connect the viewer with something recognizable and something strange, making the ordinary extraordinary, in a process of transformation of the existing materials of the tangible world.

It is a constant the encounter and the dialogue between things and the coexistence of opposites. I apply artistic resources such as repetition, arbitrariness and accumulation, by cultivating a minimalist perverted by the presence of color and the texture of the material.

Always looking for the beauty of imperfection in the objects, reflected by the manual processes and the shape of the elements coming from the world of nature, I tell stories about the complexity of human being existence. I share the poetry of the simplicity, which lies between rustic and beautiful, captivating the viewer through the contemplation of an object or a scene displayed almost as sacred.